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A multifaceted brand that aims to provide high quality art, handmade woodwork, graphic designs and DJ services.

An Omaha to Atlanta transplant, Kenzie is the founder and owner of Q-ations which specializes in handmade woodwork, home decorations, and artwork. Growing up with parents who were very involved in DIY and "handyman" projects around the house, she discovered a passion for building furniture and creative decor. Thus, Q-ations was born.

No stranger to technology, Kenzie has studied and practiced within the information technology field for over 20 years, both professionally and personally.  She currently works as an IT Project Manager and has successfully worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies to produce top of the line technical publications.  She has a Bachelors and Masters degree in Management Information Systems, and she also minored in Graphic Design and Business Administration. Kenzie always has a creative mind when it comes to art, music, and writing, which is highlighted even more when she is able to combine her creativity with technology. 

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